Are you currently being treated by the NHS? Would you like to move to private care?

Candover Clinic provides private healthcare with its facilities purpose built on the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital campus. Insured and self-pay patients can transfer to private care at Candover Clinic at any time. Your transfer from NHS treatment will be simple and stress free. Anyone has the option to transfer from NHS treatment for anything ranging from vaccinations in our outpatients department to surgery and stay on our inpatient ward.

If you are at the Emergency Department in Basingstoke now

Following Emergency triage at the Basingstoke & North Hampshire Hospital, you may be able to transfer from NHS to private care at Candover. Emergency care prior to admission to the hospital is not normally covered by insurance and patients cannot transfer until the decision to admit has been made. However, if you are to be admitted and you wish to transfer to Candover, please speak to a nurse or call 01256 315010 and a member of the Candover team will come to meet you.

Currently in an NHS bed?

Both patients with existing healthcare insurance and those that wish to self-fund can transfer from NHS to private care at Candover at any time. Please speak to a nurse now or call 01256 315010 and a member of the Candover team will come to explain the simple transfer process.

Admission for Private Treatment – How it works

We would be very pleased to welcome you to our private ward, the Candover Suite, and provide you with exceptional care and comfort. This can be done via two slightly different tracks for insured or self-paying patients.

In general there is a three step process:

  • Bed Availability
  • Consultant Care
  • Funding


Insured Patients

If you currently have health insurance you may be able to use it to transfer your treatment to our private facilities.

Each admission and plan for treatment has to be authorised by your insurance
company. Their decision can be based on the type of policy you have or the specific details of the care you will receive.

Obtaining formal authorisation can be time consuming and is only possible within normal working hours. If you wish to try to use an existing policy to cover your admission we would be happy to start the process while we admit you to the Candover Suite.

We will keep you up to date with progress as we work with your insurance company. If we cannot authorise your stay and treatment within 24 hours we will give you the option to self-fund or be transferred to the main hospital under NHS care.

Once your treatment is authorised we will then deal directly with your insurer for all financial matters. You will still be obliged to cover anything explicitly excluded from your policy, but we will let you know about this when we confirm your cover.


Self-Funding Patients

Any patient can self-fund their private treatment and it may be more affordable than you think.

The consultant that authorises your admission will normally be able to outline the expected care plan for your case. This will enable us to give you an estimate covering all your costs, usually within 24 hours. At that point you can decide to stay private or be transferred to the main hospital under NHS care.
As a guide each overnight stay on the Candover Suite private ward is £460. This does not include specific treatments such as blood tests, an operation, an MRI scan or the Consultant’s fee. Total costs per day are typically £600.

Simple procedures such as an endoscopy or hernia repair will cost around £2,500 for your whole stay. Larger operations, for example joint replacement, may be up to £10,000.

Within one working day we will provide you with a cost estimate for your care. If you are not expected to undergo a procedure this may be an amount to cover the care you will receive on a weekly basis. For procedures we will give you a fixed-price quote for your entire stay including the procedure.

In all cases you will be expected to pay in advance. If this is a problem please let the administrator know and we will be happy to discuss other options with you. However, please note that we do not offer credit arrangements.

Bed Availability

Once you decide that you want to go private either as an insured patient or self-funding, we will quickly check bed availability and let you know. If a private bed is not available for the whole of your expected stay we will be unable to admit you. If you are admitted as an NHS patient we will continue to check on a private bed for you and let you know if one becomes free.

Role of the Consultant

The next step is to confirm that a consultant is available to take your case. The
consultant must specialise in the area of care you will require and be willing to admit you. We will try our very best to find a consultant able to accept you, but ultimately this decision is entirely out of our hands and we would be unable to admit you immediately without an attending consultant. However, we will continue to find a consultant to take your case privately throughout your admission as an NHS patient.

Registration Form

When we have confirmed your bed and consultant we will arrange to move you to the Candover Suite private ward. When you arrive on the Suite we will settle you in your room and then go through the admission process with you. Part of this will be to process some paperwork including a registration form. Signing this form legally obliges you cover all your private treatment costs during your stay. This applies to both insured and self-funding patients.

Private Care after NHS Surgery

Any patient can self-fund private treatment and it may be more affordable than you think.

How it works:

At Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, NHS patients can receive NHS care up to and including their operation and then transfer to our private ward and receive post-operative care privately on the Candover Suite.

As a guide each overnight stay, including nursing, on the Candover Suite private ward is £460. This does not include additional items such as blood tests, scans or the Consultant’s fee. Total costs per day are typically £600 or £4200 for a week.

We will provide you with a cost estimate for your care in advance or the amount to cover your care on a weekly basis for longer stays. You will be expected to pay in advance. 


Private Respite Care at Candover Suite

We offer respite care packages for suitable patients to be cared for within our modern private inpatient ward, Candover Suite. Click here for more information on Private Respite Care. 

For more information or to book an appointment, please call 01256 315010 or email