Fetal Maternal Services at Candover Clinic

Fetal Maternal Services at Candover Clinic

May 15, 2019

Fetal Maternal services at Candover Clinic provide private Fetal Ultrasound services including Fetal scanning in low and high risk pregnancy, 3D and 4D scanning

Dr Avideah Nejad is the lead consultant of the service who has been a Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetal Maternal Medicine at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust since 2007.

The unit delivers Private pregnancy scans as well as full range of individualised Antenatal and Postnatal care for pregnant women and their families. Pre-conception Counselling Clinic is also offered in the unit.

The scanning services includes Viability scan, full assessment of fetus in first trimester which includes Nuchal scan and Nasal Bone, Harmony test, detailed anomaly scan including Fetal echocardiogram in 20 weeks. Cervical length measurement and risk assessment for preterm labour. Fetal well-being scans including detailed Fetal doppler studies. Uterine artery doppler studies to predict the risk of pre-eclampsia and Fetal growth restriction. Detailed Fetal Ultrasound assessment in Reduced Fetal Movement and postdate pregnancy .

For more information or to book an appointment with Dr Nejad call 01256 315010

For more information or to book an appointment, please call 01256 315010 or email info.candover@hhft.nhs.uk