Patient Focus

The focus of the Private General Practice team at the Candover Clinic is to provide a high quality service and continuity of care from an experienced senior GP in a caring and friendly environment. They offer flexible pre-bookable appointments on weekdays. The GP’s are dedicated, UK trained doctors who pride themselves on offering a caring, holistic approach alongside the convenience and efficiency of the service.

The Team

The team have a broad range of specialist interests complementing the GP service. Having worked in the area for many years they have invaluable experience in the best services available to you, both in and out of the hospital setting.

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  • GP Services

    GP Consultations

    Rapid access to general practice appointments offering advice and medical services on all common ailments. A consultation is up to 20 minutes and you can discuss with the GP anything from coughs and colds to skin conditions or aches, pains and more.

  • GP Services


    Quick referrals are available to leading consultants and specialists in their field, this is included in the consultation fee. Fast access to the Candover Suite, a private patients ward based within the Basingstoke & North Hampshire Hospital.

  • GP Services


    Private prescriptions can be taken to any pharmacy where you will be asked to pay the cost of the drug, not your usual prescription charge. Some common drugs can be cheaper on a private prescription than the NHS prescription fee. The pharmacist may add a charge to process a private prescription.

  • GP Services

    Womens Health

    We offer a broad range of services in Women’s Health including family planning, cervical smears, fertility tests and contraception.When required, direct referrals to a Consultant Gynaecologist at Candover Clinic can be arranged

  • GP Services

    Child Health

    Candover offer a family friendly environment for children including toys in the consultation room and refreshments in the waiting area. Direct referrals to a Consultant Paediatrician at Candover Clinic are available.

  • GP Services

    Meningitis B vaccinations

    Meningitis B vaccinations are available for children at Candover Clinic. If your child was born before 1st May 2015 they will not be offered the vaccination as part of their routine NHS immunisation schedule. Children over the age of 2 years require two doses of the vaccination at 8-10 weeks apart. Children under the age of 2 years require a third dose as an annual booster.

  • GP Services

    Chicken Pox vaccinations

    Chicken Pox vaccinations are available at Candover Clinic. The vaccination is not part of the NHS childhood vaccination programme and is only offered by the NHS to those who are in close contact with people who have a weakened immune system. At Candover the vaccination is provided by our experienced private GP and team of nurses. Two doses of the vaccination are required at 6-8 weeks apart.

  • GP Services

    Shingles vaccination

    The Shingles vaccination is also available at Candover Clinic. It is given as a single injection into the upper arm and you only need to have the vaccination once. The vaccination can be given at any time of the year and is expected to reduce the risk of getting shingles, you must be over the age of 50 to receive the vaccination. If you do go on to contract Shingles, your symptoms may be milder.

  • GP Services

    Meningitis ACWY vaccination

    Meningitis ACWY vaccination is offered at Candover Clinic. The vaccine is given by a single injection to the upper arm and provides protection against four causes of meningitis and septicaemia. They can be particularly severe and usually need to be treated in intensive care, teenagers are especially vulnerable. This is offered to school children at the age of 14. Students going to university, up to the age of 25 years are advised to have the vaccination before the start of the academic year.

  • GP Services

    Occupational Health

    Occupational Health services include management of sickness absence and capability/return to work evaluations. The service includes direct access to diagnostic tests such as blood tests, X-Rays, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans.

  • GP Services

    Medical Reports

    Candover are able to carry out Insurance medicals and reports, employment medicals and reports, driving medicals and reports, visa medicals and private sick notes.

  • GP Services

    Diabetes Assessment

    Blood glucose or ‘sugar’ is an important energy source for our bodies but too much can be harmful to your health. When the amount of sugar in the blood becomes higher than normal, this is called Diabetes. Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes can include being thirsty and feeling tired all the time. If you are concerned about any of these symptoms, a simple blood test can be carried out to diagnose diabetes or identify whether you may be at risk of diabetes.

  • GP Services

    Thyroid Problems

    In some people the thyroid gland can be under or over-active. These conditions can cause symptoms such as weight gain, tiredness, palpitations and irritability. A simple blood test can be carried out to determine if you are suffering from either of these conditions.

  • GP Services


    Direct fast access to investigations are available such as blood tests, X-Rays, Ultrasound, CT and MRI scans with onward referrals to Consultants where necessary. Candover offers the most up to date MRI and CT technology delivering high quality imaging using wide aperture scanners for maximum patient comfort. The ultra-modern MRI scanner is the only wide bore, short length unit in the area.

  • GP Services

    Family Planning

    The GP can provide advice on all types of contraception including the pill, hormonal implant and the various types of coils. Coils and implants can be fitted by our GP at the Candover Clinic.
    Information can be provided on conception and fertility with onward referral to our in house specialists if required.

  • GP Services


    Depression is more than simply feeling unhappy for a short time. When you’re depressed you feel persistently sad for much longer than just a few days. Depression is not trivial and is a genuine health condition. It is not a sign of weakness or something you can “snap out of” by “pulling yourself together”. The good news is that with the right treatment and support, most people with depression can make a full recovery.

  • GP Services


    Diagnosis and management of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). PCOS is a common condition in women, it can cause symptoms such as excess hair growth, acne, fertility problems and irregular periods.

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